EU-ASEAN Practitioner Talk Series 2

Green technologies are key to sustainable new products, services and manufacturing processes, which are essential for realizing Green Growth. They combine the opportunity to fuel economic growth and socio-economic development with a high potential to contribute to sustainable development, environmental improvements, reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction or mitigation of the effects of climate change and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The transfer of Green Technologies must address in particular the following needs: • Identify green technologies which meet the specific needs and priorities of ASEAN member states and which are aligned with local issues; • Analyse the feasibility of such green technologies in the ASEAN context and instigate their successful transfer; • Identify in particular green technologies which contribute to the reduction of CO2 and other green house gases in cities, rural areas, industry, SMEs, energy sector and traffic; while at the same time also creating economic benefits for enterprises and local communities and new sustainable employment; • Embed such initiatives in ambitious development strategies which make new technologies available in response to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and • Support local capacity building to upgrade enterprises’, researchers’ and other stakeholders’ technology levels and capability to apply such new green technologies successfully.
A webinar series aims to identify high-potential thematic topics and candidate organisations for EU-ASEAN green technology transfer, in sectors which offer the highest value potential for green growth. Thus, demonstrating the feasibility and sustainability of green technology transfer and cooperation and building up capacity, competency and skills in successful EU-ASEAN pilot projects where European and ASEAN researchers or industries agree to transfer such green technologies. These green technology transfer activities will be accompanied by sectoral application-related capacity development and funding access to EU programmes.
On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 15:30 – 18:00 VN time, the a webinar based Practitioner talk offers you the opportunity to connect and participate, learn and share experiences on the topic of Sustainable Food Chains.
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